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About Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training

About Me

After being around dogs from an early age and eventually having a reactive dog myself, I wanted to understand the way she saw the world and learn how I could help her to cope with everyday life.


Seeing her success, others asked me to help with their dogs and after furthering my education through continual training, it has since snowballed into Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training, that you see today!

I currently have four dogs of my own, Bella, a fourteen-and-a-half-year-old Labrador, Maisie, her seven-year-old niece, Pearl, Maisie’s 18-month-old niece and Iris, our four-year-old cocker spaniel. Maisie, Iris and Pearl train and compete regularly in Hoopers, Gundog and Scent work, Bella has Grandma rights and spends her days eating and sleeping mostly!

With a background in Hypnotherapy and NLP- I would like to think that I am down to earth, approachable, and understanding of my client’s individual needs. I see each dog and owner combination as unique and adapt training methods and exercises accordingly, so no matter the dog and human combination, I am here to help!


Why ‘Pawsitive Intentions’?

The story behind the name

‘All behaviour has a positive intention’ is one of the presuppositions of NLP. This means that all behaviours are carried out with a positive intention in mind, either conscious or unconsciously. 

This is the same for dogs. Whilst you may struggle with some of their natural behaviours, its all communication and behaviour with a positive intent from your dog, whether this is to gain access to something, make something go away or deal with emotions, all behaviour has a positive intent behind it.

My Qualifications

The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

In 2019 I passed the necessary requirements to register as a qualified dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I really believe in their ethos of positive, reward-based training and dreams for the future of the dog training community. Whilst being the leading education provider for dog trainers and behaviourists, a registered learning centre for


The Open College Network, the IMDT are also a signatory to the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter.

This means that they have agreed on a set of minimum standards of animal welfare, professional conduct, and ensure that practitioners/trainers like myself, only use the most up to date and humane methodologies and tools.


The UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter

The UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter provides assurance to the public and other professional bodies that the practitioner they employ, has been checked, supported and monitored by a reputable accrediting member organisation, which is why as an Assessed and Qualified Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol.


Dog Training College Approved

Alongside the IMDT, not only have I attended several courses with the Dog Training College, who are an international, award-winning education provider of accredited in-person and online courses. I have been on their list of Approved Dog Trainers since 2020. This involved a lengthy assessment process and means whilst registered, I am continually monitored and reviewed, so you can be assured that I am meeting current industry standards.


The UK College of Scent Dogs

In 2021 I completed the UK College of Scent Dogs six-day City and Guilds handlers’ course; this was in addition to completing group and private training with Conservation K9 Consultancy, who I continue to train with. In 2022 I attended a Scent and Science course with Dr. Kathy Murphy and Elliot Connor followed by the UK College of Scent Dogs six-day City and Guilds assessment course, alongside regular biweekly scent work training with Scentwork UK from 2021. 

After enjoying the scentwork so much with the College of Scent dogs, I went on to complete their City & Guilds Handlers and Instructors courses in 2022 as well as their Tracking course in 2023. Looking for somewhere to channel our scent skills we found the National Nosework association and loved it, their slogan of its not just a trial it’s a training plan, couldn’t be more true and I quickly became an ORT assessor and Trial official, offering regular ORT train and test days.


Interactive Play

I have also attended interactive play workshops and interactive play instructors courses with Craig Ogilvie at their centre in Bourne. As well as webinars with Tug-e-Nuff, and Dr. Amy Cook hosted by Michael Shikashio, a world-renowned expert working with aggression in dogs, on ‘Play Way!’ and the benefits of therapeutic play.


Canine Hoopers

In 2021 I completed the Canine Hooper’s UK Instructors course. Hooper’s is a fast growing, canine sport, where dog and handler negotiate a series of obstacles including hoops, chutes, barrels, contact mats, and tunnels. It is a low impact, inclusive sport, for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and handler ability, which is why I am passionate about promoting the sport. In 2023 I qualified for the CHUK National finals placing 9th overall in the large category with Maisie, as well as completing the Advanced Canine Hoopers UK instructor’s course.


Continuously Training

Alongside the IMDT and DTC, over the years I have had the opportunity to train with some amazing people who are leading the way in modern, scientific reward-based training, not just for dogs but for many other species too! Such as Chirag Patel, Shawna Karrasch and Barbara Heidenreich, to name a few, who’s knowledge and experience have been invaluable to my learning journey. I regularly attend workshops to improve my knowledge and skills and stay up to date with the latest training methodologies, alongside attending seminars/webinars, additional reading and training regularly with my own dogs in scent work, gundog training and Hoopers.

Powered by Play
Why play? Why not!

There is so much scientific research out there for the benefits of play. During play you can:

  • build a bond with your dog,

  • help your dog to feel good,

  • burn energy, 

  • increase confidence,

  • develop your relationship, 

  • create value in engagement and focus, 

  • give your dog an outlet for their natural instincts, 

  • help with self-control, 

  • teach your dogs to respond to you in high arousal situations, 

  • create and reinforce behaviour, 

  • most of all its fun!

All our sessions at Pawsitive Intentions are powered by play. Not only does this mean it’s great fun for the dogs, which makes them more motivated to train but it’s great fun for our owners too! We can use toys or treats to play interactive games, so no matter your dog’s motivation, we can adapt to suit their individual preferences. 

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