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Policy Statement

1.1 Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training uses CCTV within some of the premises.

1.2 This policy applies to all members of our staff, visitors and clients to Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training.

1.3 This policy takes account of all applicable legislation and guidance, including:

General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

Data Protection Act 2018 (together the Data Protection Legislation)

CCTV Code of Practice produced by the Information Commissioner


Purpose of CCTV

2.1 Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training uses CCTV for the following purposes:

To provide a safe and secure environment for clients, staff and visitors

To prevent the loss of or damage to the Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training assets and Pawsitive Paddock.

To assist in the prevention of crime and assist law enforcement.


Description of System

3.1 Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training operates cameras both inside and outside, using a range of movable and fixed cameras.


Management and Access

4.1 The CCTV system at Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training is managed by the Leadership Team.

4.2 The viewing of live CCTV images will be restricted to the Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training leadership team.

4.3 Recorded images are stored under GDPR guidelines and are removed after a maximum of one month.

4.4 Relevant images may be shared for crime prevention purposes.

4.5 No other individual will have the right to view or access any CCTV images.

4.6 The CCTV system is encrypted/password protected.

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