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Competitions & Trials

An opportunity to test your training skills in our friendly Hoopers competitions and Scent work trials!

Hoopers Competitions

About our Hoopers Competitions

Over the year we run several CHUK, Canine Hoopers UK, liscenced competitions. Dates are usually announced at the beginning of the year and are advertised on the Agility Plaza show diary.


When competitions become available for booking they will be announced on our Facebook page, keep your eyes peeled as these dates often book up quickly!  

About Canine Hoopers UK

Canine Hoopers UK was formed in 2017 to provide UK handlers and their dogs with a fun, fast, low-impact sport, comprising of hoops, tunnels, barrels, and other exciting obstacles, for you and your dog to navigate against the clock!

CHUK strives to protect the long-term well-being of the dog by maintaining flowing courses of low impact obstacles, allowing it to be an inclusive dog sport. Catering for large and tiny breeds, dogs which require a little extra space, patience or understanding and also handlers with limited mobility, making this an accessible sport to a wide variety of dogs and handlers.

Find out more about Canine Hoopers at


About the National Noseworks Association Trials

Over the year we offer various trial stages at different venues across the midlands, our range of locations gives our competitors different challenges to face, whether you are just starting out in Foundation or you have searched your way to through the grades to Elite, we aim to offer something for everyone, no matter what your experience.


All Trials are booked through our booking system, please head to our bookings page to see our availability and secure your space.

About the National Noseworks Association

The National Nosework Association, NNA, aims to provide handlers and their dogs an opportunity to compete in the amazing sport of nosework in different and challenging environments.


With a route of progression that is fun and challenging, with a wide variety of venues to keep it exciting for both you and your dog. "It's more than just a trial its a training plan" To find out more visit

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