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Junior Life Skills


Junior Life Skills Classes are for puppies aged six months and over from the start date of the course. It is our follow-on course from our Puppy Life Skills Class or a great starting point for training older puppies.

Our course content is designed to help you better understand your puppy, build on your training foundations, whilst preparing and supporting you through their adolescent months. We love to welcome families to training so that everyone can get involved, whether you’ve had puppies before or you’re a first-time dog owner, we’re here to help!

We recommend that puppies are fully vaccinated before attending classes, as it is an outdoor space, with lots of wildlife, a high footfall of dogs and neighbouring livestock. Classes are restricted to no more than five puppies to allow for adequate training time, so spaces are limited.

Please contact us if your junior puppy is uncomfortable working around other dogs prior to booking, as each junior puppy is an individual with different learning experiences, a class environment may not be the best place for her/him to learn.

About our Junior Life Skills Class

Keeping your dog’s mind active

What will you and your puppy learn?

The focus for Junior Life Skills Classes is to develop your puppies current training using fun and interactive activities. We cover everything you would expect from basic puppy training, including socialisation, sit, down, stay, to recall and loose lead, alongside trick training for additional mental stimulation and wellbeing. As we believe every dog and handler partnership is unique, exercises are tailored to suit you and your dog’s current development stage.

As a handler you will learn how to set your puppies up for success using different training techniques tailored to your individual puppy. How to assess their mood, feelings and consequently how to understand and support them, through adolescence and into adulthood.

How to book

Does our Junior Life Skills Class sound like the perfect class for you? Head over to our online booking page to find our next available dates and to secure your place!

Full payment is taken on time of booking to secure your place on the course. Once booked, you will be sent a confirmation email with further details of the class, however if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the course for any reason as places are limited.

Our Junior Life Skills course is designed as a progressive series, and we hope that you will attend the complete course to make the most of the training. If you are unable to attend a session for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. We will then supply information about the training given so that you are able to practice the training at home before the following session to avoid any disruption to your progress.

Classes at Pawsitive Intentions
Where will the training take place?

Training takes place in a secure paddock outdoors at Barton Under Needwood. Classes are rarely cancelled so you will need to dress appropriately for the weather. If the weather is unsuitable to train in, such as extreme heat or rain, the class will roll over to the following week and you will be notified as soon as possible. We recommend that puppies are fully vaccinated before the class due to wildlife accessing the paddock, high footfall of dogs and neighbouring livestock.

What methods do we use?

At Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training we use, modern, scientific reward-based dog training methods. This involves using food rewards or toys, alongside learning through play and games-based activities.

We prefer puppies to wear a harness, but a flat collar and lead is acceptable. Shock collars, choke collars and half choke collars will not be tolerated in class. We also ask that you do not bring extendable, figure of eight or slip leads to puppy classes, as these are not suitable for training in. If you do an alternative will be provided for you for the session. All other equipment will be provided on the course.

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